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Van Keulen Foam's Services

Commercial Insulation

Optimize your business space with our commercial spray foam insulation solutions. Create an environment that promotes productivity and energy savings.

Residential Insulation

Transform your home into a comfortable haven with our residential spray foam insulation services. Experience a noticeable difference in energy efficiency and indoor comfort.

The Van Keulen's have been a professional insulation solution for nearly 40 years and have had hundreds of happy customers over the years. We bought our first spray foam machine in the early '80's when we were building hog barns by Garvin, MN. After hearing of our machine, neighbors started calling and asking for spray foam insulation in their barns too. We started spraying insulation in the Marshall/Lyon county area but soon expanded far beyond Southwest Minnesota. The Van Keulen's, through Toursque, are dedicated to serving as many people as we can throughout the Midwest.

Welcome to Van Keulen Foam:
A spray foam insulation contractor
in Southwest Minnesota

Welcome to Van Keulen Foam – Your Trusted Partner for Top-Quality Insulation Solutions. Are you searching for reliable and efficient spray foam insulation services to optimize your home or business for comfort and energy efficiency? Look no further than Van Keulen Foam, your trusted partner in creating a more sustainable and comfortable environment.

Located in Lyon County, just outside of Marshall MN, we serve the greater part of the Southwest Minnesota region and into the Southeast corner of South Dakota. Primarily applying closed cell Polyurethane insulation, we can insulate just about anything. Our team has insulated machine shops, homes, garages, attics, crawl spaces, basements, additions and more. We have done residential, commercial, and government work and will always give a bid at NO COST to you!


Is it better to spray foam or not?

It definitely can be, depending on the application

Spray foam insulation's adaptability ensures great coverage on many surfaces. The unique formulation of this expanding foam results in a uniform and airtight seal, contributing to improved thermal efficiency and reduced energy consumption. The transition from traditional expanding foam to the precision and speed of spray foam insulation represents a noteworthy advancement in insulation technologies, emphasizing efficiency and sustainability.

Expanding foam, traditionally poured into crevices and onto surfaces, encountered challenges in upright applications. In contrast, spray foam insulation, a variant of expanding foam, facilitates a more efficient and versatile application process. Its ability to be sprayed onto any surface at any angle distinguishes it from conventional methods, offering enhanced flexibility and enhancing the insulation process.

Is spray foam a tax write off?

Check out this article

Spray foam insulation qualifies as a tax write-off under specific conditions. Eligible products encompass not only spray foam but also blow-in fiberglass, rigid boards, weather stripping, and air-sealed caulk. The tax credit associated with these energy-efficient products can be combined with other credits related to energy efficiency. Consequently, taxpayers may benefit from a cumulative maximum credit of $3,200 per year*. This financial incentive serves to encourage the adoption of energy-efficient insulation solutions, providing a tangible reward for investments in products that contribute to environmental sustainability and reduced energy consumption.

*Talk to your accountant or financial advisor

Is spray foam better than fiberglass?

Yes it is

Yes. The comparison between spray foam and fiberglass insulation reveals notable differences in their effectiveness. Spray foam stands out for its ability to create a better barrier against cold air infiltration, significantly reducing heat loss in homes. In contrast, fiberglass insulation may be prone to air leakage, leading to temperature variations within the home based on external weather conditions. The airtight seal provided by spray foam contributes to a more consistent and controlled indoor environment, making it a preferable choice for those seeking enhanced thermal performance and energy efficiency in their homes.